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An Australian artist in southeast Queensland, I create realistic animal portraits capturing the forgotten, and sometimes unappreciated beauty of our animal kingdom. Admittedly, am first a devoted equestrian and mother to my four beautiful horses.

My life has forever been rooted in nature, and through life struggles and tragedies I have found solace amongst animals, particularly the horses surrounding me growing up. As an introverted creative, I am deeply empathetic - I feel with every fibre of my being. This translates very therapeutically in my artistic career.

Through dedication to perfecting my technical skill creating realistic portraits, I found an outpouring of emotion into every piece.  There is just so much to admire in the animal kingdom and I hope to show this to the world - replacing some negativity or obliviousness with even a little magic and appreciation.

"Sweet as honey"

5x7" pastel bee portrait

Original Art

Limited Edition Prints


12x16" pastel smooth collie portrait

Commissioned Pet Portrait 

"Choose joy"

8x10" pastel kookaburra portrait

Original Art (sold)

Limited Edition Prints (sold)

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