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"Choose joy" - Original Art
  • "Choose joy" - Original Art


    How wonderful is it that we laugh because our bodies cannot contain the joy”

    - Unknown


    This kookaburra portrait is bright and joyful but full of depth. I felt compelled to create a piece of art for my pure enjoyment, and this soon became a crowd favourite as it seemed to just will himself to life within my hands. This lad came to fruition like he was meant to be here! I hope he brings you as much joy as he brought me.


    “Choose joy”

    8x10” Kookaburra portrait

    Pastel on pastelmat

    Certificate of authenticity


     Limited editions prints are available here to loving homes.


    An art work that speaks to you, reflects your individuality - putting this in your home gives your space a voice. Before you know it, your home is bound with a personality and energy of its own! Whether a gift for yourself or your loved ones, this piece will add a gorgeous touch to any room in a suburban home, or small business. 

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