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"Drought" - Wall art print: Limited Edition
  • "Drought" - Wall art print: Limited Edition

    PriceFrom $75.00

    One day closer to rain. “Drought” showcases the starkness in our dust bowl country’s  climate, in an effort to find beauty in the suffering.


    To embrace art as a collective asset, this piece is so distinctly full of empathy - timeless, & emotionally powerful tribute revered for generations to come.

    Only 30 prints produced and personally signed and numbered by the artist, these limited edition prints are valuable reproductions of Tarnia Kittel Fine Artist showcase pieces. Once the 30 prints have been sold, the digital file will be destroyed and no more will be printed.


    The original artwork is also available here to loving homes.


    An art print that speaks to you, reflects your individuality - putting this in your home gives your space a voice. Before you know it, your home is bound with a personality and energy of its own! What a beautiful, inspiring energy to live and flourish in! To grow up in such an empowered home - you have given your family the best possible future with this strong sense of belonging.Whether a gift for yourself or your loved ones, this art print will add a gorgeous touch to your home decor! Perfect for any room in a suburban home, or small business. Add happiness to your day just by waking up in a beautiful home!

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