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"Mourning” - Wall art print
  • "Mourning” - Wall art print

    PriceFrom $38.70

    "Mourning" is an ever-evolving piece of art. The original piece was created during the months of Australian bushfires in 2019 - at the time, the more our country burned, the more pain seemed to reflect in this piece. It represented the mourning of animals and people falling victim to the blazes. Hence, the title "Mourning".

    Today I, as the artist, look at this piece and feel the evolution to peace & relaxation. It represents to me now how light can't exist without darkness. And also, how subjective and individual art is to everyone, and I love that it can and does make everyone feel something different.


    An art print that speaks to you, reflects your individuality - putting this in your home gives your space a voice, and personality of its own. What a beautiful, inspiring energy to live and flourish in! Inject happiness into your day just by waking up in a beautiful home.This is stunning home decor for any room in the suburban home, or your up & coming small business. It is timeless and effortlessly stylish, and will radiate peace and beauty throughout your decor.

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