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Custom Pet Portrait
  • Custom Pet Portrait

    PriceFrom $250.00

    When you’ve needed a hand, he gave his paw. They devote their entire being to us during their life, and when they pass, they take a piece of us with them. A photo doesn't always seem enough to capture everything but you know you want something to honour them. A custom pet portrait is a beautiful tribute to a lifetime of love & memories.


    Bringing your fur baby to life: Whether your baby has feathers, paws, scales or claws, together we can create a bespoke artwork from your photos to bring a likeness to their own special personality and soul into a cherished piece of custom art.


    Prices are based on paper size. The 5x7" is restricted to a cropped head shot due to the level of detail. Portraits are delivered gift-ready inside a protective mat and plastic sleeve. We will work from one photo as a main reference, however I love to see as many photos and videos to get to know your special baby! As I usually don't get to meet the animals I draw, it is important for the photos to be of high quality, and per copyright law I require permission from the photographer. 

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